Sayur Kita Asia and Mersing Polytechnic Collaborate To Cultivate Agri-Tech Leaders

Mersing Polytechnic and Sayur Kita Asia Sdn Bhd have formalised a strategic collaboration. through a Certificate of Collaboration (COC) to empower the next generation of agri-tech leaders by merging the educational expertise of technological education from Mersing Polytechnic combined with the Modern farming educational expertise of Sayur Kita Asia.

Mersing Polytechnic, known for its commitment to Technical and Vocational Training (TVET), will share its wealth of expertise, knowledge, and technology to cultivate a new generation of skilled professionals. This collaboration will extend to joint research projects, providing students with invaluable hands-on experiences and preparing them for real-world challenges through “industrial on-campus” modern farming training programs.

Sayur Kita Asia, a trailblazer in modern farming practices, will share its wealth of expertise on how to construct climate resilient hydroponics farm that is 90% automated which produces pesticide free produces and is committed to providing expert guidance to students, contributing to the development of research projects and offering hands on industrial training opportunities to students on campus.

This groundbreaking collaboration signifies a transformative initiative where Mersing Polytechnic students not only acquire knowledge within the academic realm but also gain practical experience and financial rewards during their time at the polytechnic. The pinnacle of this partnership is the assurance of immediate employment opportunities at Sayur Kita Asia Sdn Bhd upon graduation. The company, currently spearheading the development of a state-of-the-art, pesticide-free super farm in Johor, is committed to absorbing these graduates into the dynamic landscape of Malaysia’s modern farming sector.

This groundbreaking collaboration extends far beyond the realms of traditional education, embodying a resolute commitment to fostering sustainability and innovation within the agricultural landscape. Crucially, the project’s realization has been made possible through essential funding support from the All Party Parliamentary Group Malaysia – Sustainable Development Goals (APPGM-SDG), highlighting its integral alignment with global sustainability initiatives. Without the crucial involvement of APPGM-SDG, this transformative initiative aimed at strengthening nationwide food security would not have come to fruition.

This synergy not only enriches the educational experience but propels students directly into fulfilling careers, seamlessly blending academic achievement with real-world readiness. Mersing Polytechnic, Sayur Kita Asia and APPGM-SDG envision a cohort of graduates equipped to address the challenges and opportunities presented by modern agriculture.

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