UOBAM’S United ESG Series Fund To Provide Retail Investors Access To Growth Opportunities In Emerging Markets

UOB Asset Management (Malaysia) (UOBAM (Malaysia)) has launched the United ESG Series-EAFE Plus Fund (UEAFEPF) to provide retail investors with access to companies that are contributing to and benefiting from the long-term growth opportunities in the Europe, Australasia and Far East, including the emerging markets (collectively known as the EAFE Plus Regions).

These companies also have environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations integrated into their business models and practices.

The Fund invests primarily in equities and equity-related securities issued by companies in the EAFE Plus Regions that are riding on long-term growth trends such as the healthcare and information technology revolutions, as well as the transition to renewable energy sources.

The UEAFEPF is suitable for retail investors who are seeking long-term capital appreciation on their investments, have a high-risk tolerance and are looking for investment exposure to the EAFE region including emerging markets.

Lim Suet Ling, Chief Executive Officer of UOBAM (Malaysia) said, “At UOBAM, we believe in investing for profit and purpose, which is both rewarding investors and creating positive impact to the world. The EAFE Plus Regions’ investment environment is compelling and offers long-term potential for Malaysian investors who are looking for growth opportunities. The UEAFEPF portfolio consists of the most exceptional 20 to 35 growth companies which include businesses that are disruptors to the main sectors of their benchmark index, aiming to gain massive market share.

“The Fund will broaden investors’ access to leading global companies outside the United States (US), which are emerging digital innovators in the technology industry, are enduring consumer brands and are scaling up through digitalisation. These companies are typically very under-represented in global portfolios. There is valuable change afoot in this region and we believe that our portfolio is well-placed to capitalise on these opportunities,” Lim said.

The Fund seeks to achieve long-term capital appreciation by investing a minimum of 90 percent of its net asset value in equities and equity-related securities in the EAFE region including emerging markets while the balance in liquid assets such as money market instruments and deposits.

The UEAFEPF is available in both domestic and foreign currencies with an initial minimum investment of RM1,000, A$1,000, US$1,000, £1,000 and RMB1,000 respectively. The UEAFEPF is managed by Baillie Gifford Overseas Limited (Baillie Gifford), an international investment manager with an excellent long-term track record in the global equity market.

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