Task2Bid: The Go To Platform For Gig Workers

In a rapidly changing world, it is only right for us to acknowledge the changes and adapt accordingly. Independent work or more commonly referred to as gig jobs in the current climate has picked up steam and is gradually gaining traction among Malaysians.

According to a media report by The Star, there are close to four million freelance workers in Malaysia and the number is increasing by the day. Gig economy has also been identified as a new source of economic growth and this has been highlighted in the 12th Malaysia Plan 2021-2025.

Playing a role in contributing to the growing gig landscape, Task2Bid is a startup that covers all tasks from basic cleaning, simple house renovations, photography, furniture assembly and even complex web designing.

To date, Task2Bid has engaged with more than 18,000 gig workers and more than 5,000 satisfied customers. This growth was backed by the rapid rise within the first six months of launching and saw operations grow tenfold during the lockdown period.

Currently, Task2Bid has an active number of 20,000 users, with an equal number of attractions from partners collaborating with the platform. In efforts to expand its outreach, the startup has participated in the eRezeki programme under the Malaysia Digital Economic Corporation (MDEC).

The programme enables the rakyat, especially those among the low-income groups, to generate additional income by completing gig tasks, both remote and on-site tasks via an online crowdsourcing platform. Participants will be matched with digital work in line with their respective skills. Task2Bid is one of the approved platforms that can officially participate in the eRezeki programme.

Going Beyond Borders

The startup is well on its way to achieve greater expansion this year by kickstarting its unique marketing profit sharing collaboration with leading platform providers. This is done by integrating the Task2Bid web API to the partner platform, which allows the partner platforms to quickly have all services under one roof without driving out any of their users.

This will also be a significant game changer as collaborating with popular lifestyle applications will allow the partner user base who equipped with the proper awareness will eventually build trust and traction towards Task2Bid.This will also be a significant game changer as collaborating with popular lifestyle applications will allow its current user base equipped with the right awareness and eventually build trust and traction towards Task2Bid.

Furthermore, the platform is looking towards venturing into Indonesia and eventually use the market presence there to penetrate the rest of the Southeast Asia market.

Investing In Task2Bid

According to the founders, Task2Bid has completed all business viability tests with good adaptation feedback from the platform’s current userbase. Now, as part of their expansion plans, they require more comprehensive talent to be part of the Task2Bid success story.

To materialise a bigger success, the platform is looking towards capturing bigger market share through marketing, collaboration and having the right talent onboard, making these aspirations as part of their fundraising goals.

By investing in Task2Bid, investors can benefit from the 6% dividend, more than the normal FD and can convert into Ordinary Shares which the founders believe will worth 4.5 times more. Within a year, Task2Bid’s valuation has increased from RM14 million since April 23, 2021 to RM23 Million to date. The valuation was carried out by the online valuation platform, Equidam and has been verified by MDEC.

In addition to access to investor club rewards, investors are also privy to get an unlimited RM10 cash discount in voucher code from every task they assign on the platform. Investors can also get an unlimited 5% discount voucher code for every task they assign on Task2Bid and to top this off, the platform will free consultancy in selecting the best Doer to complete the tasks.

So why wait, take this opportunity to invest in Task2Bid. For more information, click here.

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