POMEN Introduces ENGARAGE Transforming Workshop Management With Advanced SaaS Solutions

POMEN Autodata Sdn Bhd (POMEN) is proud to announce the launch of ENGARAGE, a cloud-based SaaS Integrated Workshop Management System designed to help automotive workshops and service centres build lasting customer relationships and ensure repeat business through personalised interactions.

Derived from “Engage” and “Garage,” ENGARAGE empowers workshops to understand and capture their target market, enhancing customer retention and business growth. This system provides comprehensive, actionable information on revenues, spare part inventory, marketing tools, customer data, operations, finance, mechanic performance, and regulatory compliance, including the introduction of mandatory e-Invoicing by LHDN in the upcoming updates.

“This business extension aims to enrol 3,000 workshops across Malaysia by March 2025, with a targeted additional revenue of RM3,000,000,” said Syed Zulhilmi Tuan Sharif, CEO & Founder of POMEN.

He also added that ENGARAGE offers a seamless end-to-end customer experience, managing every aspect from booking and quotation to inspection, task management, status tracking, invoicing, and payment processes. This ensures that workshop owners can provide a smooth and the best service to their customers.

The system provides real-time insights and analytics, allowing businesses to make informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date data. This helps in identifying trends, improving operations, and ultimately driving business growth. ENGARAGE also includes marketing tools for workshop owners to run promotions for their customers, built-in mechanic attendance tools, and analysis on parts movement. Additionally, it comes with the ENGARAGE mobile app available for both Apple iOS and Android platforms.

ENGARAGE enhances the visibility of vehicle maintenance and workshop performance by leveraging actual data. This transparency helps in monitoring and managing the performance of both the workshop and its technicians, leading to improved service quality.

The system also enables workshop management from anywhere at any time. Its cloud-based nature allows workshop owners to oversee and control their operations remotely, ensuring flexibility and continuous management of their business.

Syed Zulhilmi emphasised, “With ENGARAGE, our vision is to transform the automotive workshop industry by equipping businesses with cutting-edge tools to excel in a competitive landscape. This system is poised to set a new benchmark for workshop management not just in Malaysia, but on a global scale, driving innovation and operational excellence.”

POMEN has recently received CIP Sprint, a commercialisation grant from Cradle for the amount of RM500,000.  POMEN is one of the Top 11 for Cohort 2 ScaleUp Malaysia’s programme that received RM250,000 in investment.  Prior to that, POMEN excelled at the SITEC Selangor Accelerator Programme Cohort 2.0, emerging as the winner for the programme.  In the past, POMEN has been a recipient of CIP Ignite (II) funds from Cradle, receiving RM500,000 and the winners of the PETRONAS FutureTech Accelerator Program, which led to their selection for the Global Immersion Program in San Francisco.

ENGARAGE is free to use and can be registered by any workshop owners at www.engarage.io

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