Pasadena Burger & Coffee Announces ECF Campaign And Calls For Investors

Pasadena Burger & Coffee – a wholly Malaysian-owned food and beverage brand has announced an equity crowdfunding (ECF) campaign that looks to encourage Malaysian investors to get in on the ground floor in supporting the growth of a local brand with the calibre to soon compete globally.

Hosted on PitchIN, the ECF campaign aims to raise RM 8 million in funds to propel the company forward into its next phase of growth.

Specifically, the funds from this campaign will be used in Pasadena Burger & Coffee’s expansion efforts both in terms of outlets, retail ventures and franchising opportunities.

On outlet expansions, the funds will fuel the initial set-up and day-to-day operations of the upcoming outlets. The initial stages will see 4 new outlets being opened in Prime Malls in the Klang Valley area . This expansion process will also be accompanied by the establishment of a central kitchen and a headquarters to maintain the quality of the products throughout the outlets.

“Keeping authenticity alive is important to me and bringing people together over a burger is the ultimate goal for us at Pasadena Burger & Coffee. We are not limiting ourselves to the Malaysian market, we are working towards bringing this Malaysian-owned brand abroad to cement Malaysia’s name as not only an authority on Southeast Asian food but on great food from everywhere. This ECF campaign will kickstart that process,” Cornelius Lu, the owner and Founder of Pasadena Burger & Coffee said when commenting on the ECF.

To Cornelius, the campaign not only represents an opportunity for the brand to grow but more importantly an opportunity for Malaysians to invest in and be a part of growing an up-and-coming local brand to international heights. With the Malaysian F&B industry valued at over RM103 billion and projected to grow at a CAGR of 7.6%, Cornelius believes there is no better time to invest in F&B businesses.

With this in mind, the entry point for investing in this via the ECF campaign has been purposefully set on the lower end at RM 4,000  to minimise the barrier to entry. While establishing a funding campaign that appeals to a large number of investors Pasadena Burger & Coffee also welcomes anchor investors and venture capitalists that can invest larger sums.

Following the rollout of additional outlets locally, the company will be working towards their efforts in opening up franchising opportunities whilst simultaneously looking to penetrate new regional markets. Pasadena Burger & Coffee’s expansion also includes plans to launch coffee kiosks. These smaller coffee and dessert focused kiosks have a lower entry barrier for investors and are designed to attract a different demographic that is on-the-go and looking to grab a bite.

“With the original recipe from California in hand we spent years perfecting the business expansion model with a team that has proven  records of their ability and expertise in  building brands. Now as Pasadena Burger & Coffee lunges forward in terms of growth and looks to take its steps to go global, we are proud to be making this an opportunity for others to grow as well.

With the low initial investment sum, and not to mention the projected 10 times in returns across five years or so, we hope to maximise the number of Malaysians who would be able to afford to get a slice of the pie – or should we say a bite of the burger,” Cornelius added as he described the nature of the ECF campaign.

Inspired by the classic American burger from Pasadena, Pasadena Burger & Coffee made its mark in the market with a DIY burger to accommodate the needs of the public during the pandemic and MCO periods. Increasing accessibility to good quality burgers is dear to the brand identity and as such the ECF campaign will also look to drive the company’s ventures into the retail arena.

The quintessential American cuisine at Pasadena Burger & Coffee not only has the hearts of the local patrons but it has won over the palates and the homesick hearts of those native American who reside in Malaysia. The American Association of Malaysia has endorsed  Pasadena Burger & Coffee for bringing a little taste of home to this side of the world.

The recognition does not end there, Pasadena Burger & Coffee has also been chosen by the American condiment giant Heinz to be a part of the Heinz Burger Campaign in Malaysia.

Currently located in Plaza Mont Kiara, Pasadena Burger and Coffee has established itself as the top option for authentic American burgers. While the aesthetically pleasing decor and set-up bring people in, the food has them coming back for more. Additionally, Pasadena Burger offers a hybrid restaurant-cafe set-up for its customers that allows them to enjoy  the ultimate experience.

Pasadena Burger & Coffee also features an array of premium coffee options including the fan favourite Italian roast. The cafe portion of the restaurant provides customers with the enhanced experience of having a burger and following it up with a cafe experience with classic coffee drinks, delectable desserts and mouth – watering milkshakes.

For more information, please visit To participate in the ECF campaign please visit


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