MYStartup Accelerator Programme Cohort 1 Empowered 10 Startups And Is Now Returning With Cohort 2

We take a look back at MYStartup Accelerator Cohort 1 Demo Day, an intimate event which witnessed accredited and active investors have real conversations with founders from 10 startups who made their way to the top, and pitched their products and services.

These founders underwent a 6-month long accelerator programme benefitting from an expansive list of mentors and experts in respective fields, covering topics such as business scaling and market access.

During the programme, 6 out of these 10 startups from the MYStartup Accelerator Programme received a total of RM1.57 million of investment from 17 angel investors.

  1. MindAppz (RM250,000)
  2. Krenovator (RM250,000)
  3. IPICK (RM50,000)
  4. Thread X (RM50,000)
  5. Cult Creative (RM350,000)
  6. Products2U (RM620,000)

The investments received by these startups ensures that the MYStartup Accelerator Programme is designed to be impactful to the startup ecosystem, and we are beyond proud to produce more investable startups and contributing to the building of a stronger startup ecosystem.

Best Presenter during the Demo Day

  1. microLEAP

5 Best Startups

Also, 5 best startups were selected to participate in the exclusive Immersion Programme designed to enable them to experience how other startup work and connect with other players in the industry and ecosystem.

  1. Cult Creative
  2. Troopers
  3. HeyProp
  4. Krenovator
  5. Products2U

Here’s a list of the Top 10 startups and what they do:

No Startups Description
1. MindAppz (


An EdTech marketplace for advanced E-Tuition and education.


2. Krenovator (


A tech talent training and placement platform.


3. IPICK (


An intercity parcel delivery service.


4. Cult Creative ( A network platform that matches creatives and potential employers through data.



5. Products2U ( A marketplace for the under-served offline community.


6. Thread X


An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) fashion platform.


7. Troopers ( Troopers is a hassle-free solution for jobseekers who are looking to find reliable opportunities to work, track their progress and check their earnings with a click of a button.
8. HeyProp ( HeyProp is a technologically advanced real estate platform that puts all aspects of the transaction at customers’ fingertips.
9. KitchenCo (www.KitchenCo.Asia) KitchenCo focuses on the Online Food Delivery Space. We offer Virtual Brands that are only available online (Grab Food, Foodpanda, Shopee Food) to F&B outlets to boost their sales.
10. microLEAP ( MicroLEAP is a Shariah-Compliant and Conventional P2P (Peer-to-Peer) Fintech platform that focuses on the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector, and is strictly regulated by the Security Commission Malaysia (SC).


Looking to join the next cohort? Here’s why you should. 

The MYStartup Accelerator Programe is an intensive enrichment programme that supports early-stage startups through mentorship and partnerships.

Powered by Cradle, the MyStartup Accelerator Programme is one of the many programmes and initiatives under the larger MYStartup Strategy initiated by MOSTI, which aims to position Malaysia as one of the Top 20 global startup ecosystems by 2030.

Listed as one of the 16 interventions under the Malaysian Startup Ecosystem Roadmap (SUPER) 2021 – 2030, the MYStartup Programme plays a significant role in MOSTI’s aim of creating 5000 startups and five (5) unicorns by the end of 2025 to empower economic growth through science, technology and innovation.

The programme’s second cohort will commence on 14 November 2022, targeting a more comprehensive range of technology verticals. To register, simply log on to


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