MyStartr Launches Dream Factory Creative Centre (DFCC) To Boost Nation’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Growth

MyStartr, a Malaysian equity crowdfunding platform, launched the Dream Factory Creative Centre (DFCC). Located at GMBB Kuala Lumpur, DFCC creates a collaborative environment for the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Malaysia, along with resources, services and
business networking support.

MyStartr has also announced the signing of MOUs with three Taiwanese parties, namely the AAMA Taipei Cradle Programme, the Meet entrepreneurs platform of Business Next (BNext), and the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park of the Taipei Culture Foundation.

Meanwhile, MyStartr has announced a joint venture partnership with Taiwan’s MYFEEL to
promote product crowdfunding services in Malaysia and help Malaysian SMEs introduce their products to overseas markets such as Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and China.

MyStartr aims to power the growth of Malaysia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem by providing shared entrepreneurial spaces, international collaborations and fundraising platforms to empower SMEs in business ventures both at home and abroad.

“We believe that with the shared creative space of DFCC, coupled with MyStartr’s ongoing international collaborations, SMEs in Malaysia will benefit from increased business and development opportunities. We look forward tomore exciting collaborations with our Taiwanese partners. This is set to bring rewarding and win-win outcomes that achieve more values for the Malaysian entrepreneurial ecosystem,” said Goh Boon Peng, founder and CEO of MyStartr.

Developed in collaboration with GM Klang, DFCC is a 12,000 sq. ft. creative hub that includes shared spaces, photography and live broadcast studios, event halls, multimedia classrooms, telephone booths, dining areas, and rest areas for entrepreneurs.

MyStartr is committed to empowering Malaysian SMEs to grow and prosper. Its crowdfunding platform enables entrepreneurs to raise funds and conduct product market testing, providing a valuable source of funding for startups, which will otherwise resort to traditional means of financing for business growth and expansion.

Additionally, MyStartr offers an avenue for small investors to discover and invest in startups and early-stage companies. Crowdfunding allows small investors to support innovative local businesses with the potential for a substantial return on investment.

Moving forward, MyStartr will be hosting 100 entrepreneurship-related activities at the DFCC annually to engage with and support local entrepreneurs. To learn more about MyStartr, visit

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