Meet Cefinny Teh Jin Pei, CEO of Ashisuto Global Technologies

Disruptr:  Cefinny Teh Jin Pei, Chief Executive Officer, Ashisuto Global Technologies Sdn Bhd

Share with us on what you do and what inspired you to start the business.

  • We founded Ashisuto to solve problems faced by small and medium enterprise  players with regards to operation efficiency and optimisation of manpower utilization, and more importantly creating an eco-friendly office environment.

What has the journey been like?

  • It has been a very challenging journey but at the same time, it taught us to adapt and change with new learning curves and to better transform DocKITA with technology.

Biggest achievement and what is one regret that you wish you had or had not done?

  • Our biggest achievement is being recognised by industry players including Malaysia Productivity Corporation asa productivity champion. However, the innovative version of our solution is not being valued by investors as majority of investors are eyeing into consumer market.

Where do you see yourself in the next 1 year?

  • DocKITA to be popular in Malaysia and countries in the Southeast Asia region such as Singapore and Indonesia.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

  • Getting listed and becoming a market leader.

What keeps you going to keep running the business?

  • To create positive changes through impactful technology

What is one local startup you would like to work together with and why?

  • We are open to collaborations with anyone who sees a space and common interest to work alongside us.

Who is one founder (local or international) that you look up to?

  • On a local context, we look up to Goh Pang Ooi, Founder of Silverlake Axis and on an international scale, we would look up to So Masayoshi, CEO of SoftBank

Why should investors invest in your startup?

  • Our current innovative solution is able to enable business transformation for operation
    efficiency and revenue gain. The solutions is able to expand continuously to resolve future business challenges which will able to benefit to investors as well.

Ashisuto is a member of 25 Startups, a startup incubator with presence in Sarawak, Penang, Cyberjaya and Johor.

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