Malaysian Tech Startup Ejen2u Reaches Milestone Of Over RM 450 million Of Sales Registered Through Platform

Ejen2u International Sdn. Bhd. has announced that its EjenGo platform has effectively amplified the sales and revenues of SMEs and startups in Malaysia. The company has shown impressive growth since its launch in 2019, with over 400 companies and more than 270,000 agents registering RM473 million in transactions.

The EjenGo platform has proven to be an effective tool for businesses, with some of their customers recording a 500% increase in revenue. Malaysia has over 1.2 million MSMEs as of 2021, and the market continues to grow as more entrepreneurs turn to online selling. This year, Ejen2u has made a noteworthy declaration regarding its positive impact on the economy and entrepreneurial communities.

Through a resilient system that facilitates the empowerment of resellers and entrepreneurs, Ejen2u has catalysed economic activities and engendered employment opportunities. Additionally, the platform has facilitated consistent business growth for resellers year over year.

Founder and CEO of Ejen2u International, Sheikh Ezaiddin, shared, “We take pride in enabling entrepreneurial endeavours through our platform. The exponential growth of our reseller community stands testament to our commitment to empowering resellers. This milestone highlights the impact of our platform and more importantly, the strong entrepreneurial spirit of our users.“

Ejen2u has demonstrated a remarkable influence on entrepreneurs, exemplified by DnS Beauty’s significant growth in the beauty industry, which has increased revenue by RM7.6 million compared to the previous year.

The beauty and personal care industry is powering Malaysia’s local economy The beauty and personal care industry has played a vital role in bolstering the Malaysian economy over the years, emerging as a significant contributor to the country’s economic landscape.

The industry has been experiencing substantial growth in recent times, driven by the surging demand for personal grooming and hygiene products among consumers. According to a report by Statista, the Malaysian beauty and personal care industry’s estimated worth amounted to US$2.88 billion in 2023, and it is anticipated to register a CAGR of 3.10% between 2023 and 2027.

This growth is primarily fueled by the burgeoning middle class and their increasing awareness of the advantages of using personal care products. Additionally, Malaysia has been quickly establishing itself as a regional hub for personal care product manufacturing, with several multinational corporations setting up their production facilities in the country. Furthermore, Ejen2u’s impact on marginalised communities, specifically women and seniors, is noteworthy.

The platform has facilitated the development of 589 women leaders, generating a collective revenue of RM345 million. Notably, the platform has also engaged more than 18,000 users aged 50 and above, generating a combined revenue of RM26.8 million.

These figures indicate that age and gender should not impede success in the reseller industry. Ejen2u aims to support underserved entrepreneurs by providing them with opportunities to become resellers and drive economic growth.

Based on their data, businesses using Ejen2u’s platform for a year typically experience significant growth in revenue and reseller numbers, with a 5.3 times increase in revenue growth and a 6.3 times increase in reseller growth on a year-on-year basis.

Affin Bank partners with Ejen2u to provide financial assistance for SMEs To add value to customers Ejen2u and Affin Bank have signed an MoU. The collaboration between both organisations aims to enhance the financial inclusivity of SMEs in Malaysia.

SMEs play a crucial role in the country’s economic development, and they need access to affordable and convenient financial services to thrive. The partnership will leverage Ejen2u’s vast network of agents and Affin Bank’s expertise in banking and finance to provide SMEs with easy access to financial products and services that meet their specific needs. This will enable them to expand their operations, increase their productivity, and create more jobs, thus contributing to the overall growth of the Malaysian economy.

Moreover, the MoU between Ejen2u and Affin Bank is aligned with the government’s agenda of promoting digital transformation and financial inclusion in the country. With the help of digital tools and technology, Ejen2u and Affin Bank aim to simplify financial transactions for SMEs and make banking more accessible and affordable for them.

“The success stories of resellers on the EjenGo platform and the impressive growth figures are a testament to Ejen2u’s dedication to supporting entrepreneurship and innovation in Malaysia. Through partnerships with like-minded organisations such as Affin Bank, Ejen2u aims to continue providing opportunities for SMEs and entrepreneurs to grow and thrive, contributing to the overall economic prosperity of Malaysia,” continued Sheikh Ezaiddin.

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