Malaysia-based Pre-Seed Therapy Tech Startup Launches SafeTalk

SafeTalk, a pre-seed stage therapy tech startup officially launches their cloud-based Client Relationship Management (CRM) platform for mental health care providers today. It is designed to digitise and automate client records, making the day-to-day work of mental health practitioners easier and more efficient.

It provides a wide range of tools specifically tailored for mental health practitioners and adheres to strict patient data privacy laws and standards. SafeTalk is akin to a personal assistant for mental health practitioners, reducing administrative work by up to 80%.

SafeTalk’s commitment to mental health extends beyond its software solutions. The platform aims to create a safe space for practitioners and their clients. All data on the platform is end-to-end encrypted and stored strictly following Patient Data Privacy Laws.

Practitioners from therapists, psychologists, counsellors or life coaches – whether solo or part of a centre can utilise SafeTalk with monthly subscriptions starting from MYR 39 for individuals and a customised plan can be arranged for organisations. 

SafeTalk is founded by brothers, Shavkat and Shohin Aslamhoev – both with strong programming backgrounds. “As programmers, we are always seeking to create solutions and harness technology to better our lives and mental health is an area where we are both passionate about hence, we designed SafeTalk as a tool to digitise mental health. Our objective is to solve the current problems in the industry such as manual client management, data privacy and therapy logistics. Ultimately, we hope that by utilising a safe and convenient platform such as SafeTalk will be able to foster better access to mental health professionals and make a significance to peoples’ wellbeing,” commented Shavkat, Co-Founder and Managing Director. 

Currently SafeTalk is available for professionals, however the team is working on developing a directory where they can connect the public with licensed practitioners of their choice. In the meantime, as part of their dedication to mental health,

SafeTalk has an ongoing initiative called #LetsTalkAboutIt to share the message about mental awareness, breaking the stigma of mental health discussion and encouraging open discussion about topics that not many people are willing to talk about such dealing with Tourette’s syndrome, Autism and after effects of trauma.

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