LaunchX 2024 – The University Startups Accelerator Programme Announces Top 14 Startups

 Now in its third cohort, LaunchX, the University Startups Accelerator in Malaysia, has recently unveiled the top 14 university startups selected from its Pre-Demo Day.

LaunchX 2024 is a programme under the Ministry of Higher Education through a collaborative effort between Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) and Sunway Innovation Labs at Sunway University (iLabs Foundry).

LaunchX provides a comprehensive suite of resources and mentorship to guide participants on their entrepreneurial journey. The programme equips student startups with the necessary tools and knowledge to form a winning team, develop a marketable Minimum Viable Product (MVP), complete pilot testing, and even register their companies.

LaunchX 2024 received the participation of 116 startups and 274 student entrepreneurs, from 43 higher education institutions across 12 states in Malaysia. 45 student startups were selected to participate in the initial 3-month LaunchX programme, representing only a 40% acceptance rate.

Throughout the first 3-month of LaunchX (March to June 2024), participants benefit from a series of workshops conducted by industry leaders and experts in various fields.

These workshops cover critical aspects of entrepreneurship and provide invaluable insights into building successful startups, such as: Startup Sucess Blueprint by Roslin Mohd Daud (MRANTI); Managing Your Team by Safura Atan (StratNaViGO Consulting PLT); Validating Your Revenue Model and Winning Customers by Abdullah Hidayat (Ficus Capital); Branding for Startup by Vanessa Mouledous (Haus of North); Structuring the Pilot Plan by Karen Lau (Sunway iLabs); Sustainability for Startup by Hardesh Singh (Bawatana); Financial Modelling & Fundraising by Chang Lih Yen (Beetle Knight), Syazwan Shahbuddin (Cradle) & Muzakkir Mohammad (Cradle); How to Engage & Entice Investors by Alvin Chin (GUIDE), Angel Low (The Hive SEA) and Karen Lau (Sunway iLabs); Funding Option and Valuation by Dr. Sivapalan Vivekarajah (ScaleUp Malaysia);Legal & IP by Lawrence Tan (IP Gennesis), and lastly, Setting up Investor-Friendly Company Clinic by Celene Shee & Tian Hao Chua (Profectant)

In addition to these workshops, each university startup has also undergone mentoring sessions with industry leaders, venture capital analysts, investors, and many others. These sessions provide startups with personalised guidance and insights from seasoned professionals, helping them refine their strategies and navigate challenges.

The Pre-Demo Day marks the midpoint of LaunchX, where the startups would pitch for an opportunity to receive catalyst fund to refine their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and for piloting. For the first time, the Pre-Demo Day is hosted outside of Klang Valley, specifically in UTM Johor, to bridge the gap for student entrepreneurs from different region in Malaysia.

The top 14 university startups selected from the Pre-Demo day are:

AidEye – AidEyeKit is a toolkit that enables app makers to create visual guides within apps

Alive Biotech – Alive Biotech is launching a novel skin ecosystem, utilizing AI to evaluate skin conditions and connect users with a curated selection of product providers in a competitive marketplace

DatoBulat Tech Lab  – Our company offers an affordable and easy-to-learn Robot Sumo Education Kit, designed to engage and attract the younger generation to the STEM sector.

Drangue – Drangue is empowering communities with AI-driven predictive analytics and decision models for disaster management. From mapping geological features to proactive preparation, we’re a comprehensive resilience partner.

EasyFastAI – EasyFastAI revolutionizes customer support for businesses seeking efficiency and cost savings. Our AI delivers 24/7 assistance directly through your social media platforms. With EasyFastAI, experience seamless and automated customer service, free from human error.

ELYSIAN – ELYSIAN is elevating your well-being and safety, embodying the bliss and peace of its namesake through innovative solutions. Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay charged with ELYSIAN’s cutting-edge smart solution.

KuCHARGE – KuCHARGE offers innovative, eco-friendly electric vehicle charging solutions that enhance convenience, support sustainability, and drive the adoption of clean transportation with advanced, locally manufactured technology.

Shift. Innovation (Interactus) – Interactus is a device that provides personalized, AI-driven interactions for dynamic content delivery, optimizing user engagement in real-time, tailored to individual preferences.

Soton4Health – MEDAIRO WALKMATE enhances mobility and safety within hospitals: Featuring adjustable support, real-time health monitoring, and navigation assistance for the all patients, ensuring safety and independence

SproutExplorer – SproutExplorer is revolutionizing plant care by giving them personalities. Through our sensor stick and app, plants “talk” to you, creating a fun and personalized way to nurture your green companions.

SystemSage Solutions Sdn. Bhd. – SystemSage Solutions Sdn. Bhd. empowers agriculture, homes, and industries with cutting-edge IoT solutions, enhancing efficiency, sustainability, and connectivity for a smarter, greener future.

The Quack Movement – The Quack Movement empowers low-income communities by creating opportunities to generate supplementary income.

Volunti Connect – Volunti Connect is a tech company that aims to revolutionize social impact by utilizing AI-driven cause matchmaking, linking corporations, NGOs, and volunteers. This fosters efficient partnerships and ultimately maximizing the positive impact within the CSR landscape.

WindoVisual – WindoVisual enables seamless virtual try-on experiences, revolutionizing retail by allowing customers to try on clothes digitally, enhancing convenience and decision-making.

Over the next two months, these startups will shift their focus towards piloting their Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), in order to gain commercial tractions with potential business partners.

LaunchX will continue to offer guidance and support to these startups, helping them tackle challenges and refine their strategies in preparation for the LaunchX Demo Day, which will be held on 23 August 2024 at Sunway University.

The student startups will have the opportunity to pitch their solutions and showcase their progress and achievements to potential investors and partners during the highly anticipated Demo Day. The student startups will also compete to secure additional seed funding to further scale their ventures after Demo Day.

Stay tuned to the iLabs Foundry social media pages (@ilabsfoundry) to sign up for the LaunchX Demo Day.

LaunchX brings together stakeholders from corporations, venture partners, and ecosystem partners in a nation-building initiative to cultivate entrepreneurial talent and generate high-quality, innovation-driven startups from university students. Partners include Antler, Artem Venture, Bawatana, Ficus Capital, Gobi Partners, The Hive SEA, Ignite Asia, Impact Circle, Kejora Capital, MAVCAP, MBAN, pitchIN, Reactor School, Scale Up Malaysia, Sunway Corporate Venture Capital, Cradle Fund, MRANTI, Digital Penang, Iskandar Investment Berhad, SCENIC, and TEGAS Digital Village and Digital Innovation Hub.


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