ISN And DOC2US Partner To Bolster Mental Health Support for National Athletes

Malaysian athletes are receiving added mental and physical health access, through new hybrid healthcare support programme introduced by the National Sports Institute (ISN), and DOC2US, a homegrown leading digital health and e-prescriptions provider.

This national initiative is a joint effort by ISN and DOC2US to provide equitable, accessible and holistic healthcare to national athletes.

Dr Raymond Choy, CEO & Co-founder of DOC2US, said “We fully support ISN’s goals in putting the wellbeing of our national athletes as priority. Due to the nature of their practice, they are especially prone to mental stress, and various mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, and other more severe cases.

This is all on top of the prevailing physical health issues which are staple in the sports industry. This collaborative effort is a step forward to tackling those challenges. As part of our drive to contribute to the country and the people, we leverage the many offerings of digital technology in our battle against national health issues to achieve our collective national healthcare goals. We are grateful for the opportunity, confidence and support given by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, our partner, Institut Sukan Negara, and collaborator TeleHope Health in spearheading this initiative.”

The programme which has been in operation since the SEA Games in May 2023, provides a hybrid form of healthcare, both physically and virtually, through the application of digital health technology.

The services available to national athletes through this programme, are free virtual health advisory, virtual consultation and e-prescription, and physical home support, by board approved medical professionals. DOC2US’ mental healthcare platform powered by TeleHope Health, will enable access to mental healthcare services for athletes as well, such as mental health screening, free mental health advisory and teleconsultations with licensed psychiatrists and psychologists of TeleHope Health.

Dr Aw Tsung Wai, the Chief Mental Health officer of TeleHope Health added, “When it comes to the prevalence of mental health issues, one in five secondary school students are found to be diagnosed with depression and two in five have anxiety. Mental health is an occurring challenge faced by youth, with most mental health issues manifesting in late teens and it is more so for athletes who are constantly in competitive and high-stress environments in their daily lives, between education and sports.

A hybrid healthcare approach that has a digital element, allows athletes to conveniently access healthcare and encourages them to seek help, easily through a tap on the screen, at home or while they are overseas busy making Malaysians proud. Taking the first step will improve health outcomes and even empower others to follow suit.”

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between ISN and DOC2US to collaborate on the hybrid healthcare programme for national athletes was witnessed by Minster of Youth and Sports, YB Hannah Yeoh, at National Sports Complex in Bukit Jalil on 22nd of August 2023.

In full support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports’ objectives to overcome the many challenges faced by young athletes, particularly mental and physical well-being, ISN and DOC2US’s hybrid healthcare programme serves as a foundation to elevate the field of sports as an instrument of unity, and empowering vision of a digital-first era, in alignment with the pillars of Malaysia Madani.

“This support programme is a key part of our ‘Demi Negara’ spirit and a continuation of what DOC2US has been committed to since the very beginning with our virtual health advisory for those who need it. We are proud to continue contributing to our national vision for Universal Health Coverage, as well as be of service to the underserved. We want our young and aspiring athletes to know that they are taken care of,” Dr Choy ended.

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