Greenbox: The Startup Aspiring To Transform Malaysia’s Packaging Ecosystem To Be More Sustainable

Sunway alumni and Greenbox Founder, Jun Huo is a final year student studying Environmental Science and Technology.

His startup, Greenbox will be the first manufacturing company in Malaysia that produces boxes from agro-waste. Greenbox is a one-stop sustainable solution company offering sustainable packaging solutions, customization and collection.

“We intend to help our clients shift their business to become more sustainable, brand their packaging according to their business nature, and contribute to lessen environmental impact.”

Jun Huo believes that Greenbox can change the packaging ecosystem in Malaysia and lead the other players to become more sustainable. His team comprise of a team of students who are united by their passion about sustainability issues.

“Our team consists of Yew Jun Huo, Angeline Ang Yan Yee, Wong Zhong Han and Neoh Ying Rui. All of us came from various backgrounds and fields of study.”

Jun Huo’s passion for environmental sustainability has been ignited since he was a child.

“During my childhood, I saw a lot of unsustainable burning in the paddy fields. That led me to the pursuit of environmental science and technology as my major. I had very much wanted to help solve the issues.”

“Last year during the pandemic, I noticed a jump in e-commerce shopping, and there was an increase in the usage of plastic packaging; leading to a massive packaging waste problem.”

“Most of the existing packaging in the market is not sustainable, and we realised that one of the reasons is because environmentally-friendly products are much more expensive. We started Greenbox to create sustainable packaging solutions that will restore, renew and empower our world ecosystem into a more sustainable future.”

“Finding creative solutions to problems is something that I have always enjoyed. As an undergraduate, I always wanted to contribute and think of solutions to solve environmental and sustainability issues.”

For the Greenbox team, Sunway iLabs at Sunway University’s LaunchX programme has helped them expand their idea.

“The LaunchX programme helped us expand our idea by connecting us with mentors, speakers, and participants from different startup teams. The workshops benefit us immensely, as we started to better understand the process of launching a business with the guidance of experienced professionals.”

“Our mentor, Anabelle, has inspired the team a lot, especially when she shared her experience of founding her very own companies and her courage to pursue her dream as an entrepreneur.”

“I am also inspired by her belief that the     world is connected, which reminds us of the importance of reaching out actively to build meaningful connections to accelerate personal and business growth by learning from others.”

“Most importantly, her persistence in striving through hardships serves me as a reminder to us to always confront challenges without fear. She recently launched a company called Phuture Food. We look up to her and look up to her and hope to learn more from her experience.”

La Juiceria, Super Saigon and Hawker Hall co-founder and director and Phuture Foods Chief Marketing Officer, Annabelle Co-Martinent

Jun Huo is excited about leveraging on Sunway Group’s ecosystem to expand his start-up.

Our sustainable packaging solution has many applications. For example, Greenbox’s sustainable packaging can be used for products like books, stationeries, boutiques, souvenirs, gifts, events, dry products, and more. Through Sunway Group’s ecosystem, we can test bed our solutions across many sectors such as retail, hospitality, leisure and education.”

Sunway City Kuala Lumpur, a smart sustainable city with several components that the Sunway Group has built, and now manages and own, which plays an important role as a “living lab” where sustainable innovations are created and nurtured

Jun Huo said that the start-up has big plans.

“The ultimate ambition for our startup is that we want to be Malaysia’s leading  agro-waste sustainable packaging manufacturer. We wish to educate more people about sustainable packaging while delivering solutions for them, with the hopes that we can change lifestyles along the way.”

“In the next five years, we hope that Greenbox will be Malaysia’s leading agro-waste box manufacturer. We are anticipating a rise in demand for our products due to the public’s increased environmental awareness and the encouragement for implementing SDG Goals in businesses from the government. Hence, Greenbox will grow significantly as a sustainable packaging production company with more clients in Malaysia.”

“We would love to work with Dropee, which is an online B2B marketplace. Dropee can provide us with the platform to connect with those SME and business sellers. And we can also bring our product on their platform since our business model is more for (B2B) businesses.”

Jun Huo believes that investors would be interested in the solutions that Greenbox will be providing.

“The global demand for sustainable packaging is rapidly increasing, and we have the first mover advantage in Malaysia to fill the gap     in the Malaysian market. We already have customers available for our pilot. Thus, the demand for sustainable packaging in Malaysia is present. We provide a 10% rate of return for the first year, which is expected to increase.”

For students who want to become entrepreneurs and job creators, Jun Huo has a few things to share.

“It is important to be resourceful and resilient because the journey of entrepreneurship requires proactive efforts to keep looking for resources and keeping up with the motivation to tackle difficulties.”

“I hope that in one year, Greenbox will have increased brand awareness by partnering  with like-minded SMEs and educating them about the importance of sustainable packaging to attract new customers. Greenbox will also be actively producing sustainable packaging for our clients and raise awareness about sustainable  packaging to the public.”


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