Futurise Set To Partner LADA To Boost Cycling Tourism In Langkawi

Futurise Sdn Bhd (Futurise) and Langkawi Development Authority (LADA) held a panel discussion titled “Supporting a Clear Policy for Cyclotourism”, signalling their partnership to boost cycling tourism (cyclotourism) in Langkawi through a regulatory framework initiative to kick off the major milestone.

The panel discussion was aimed at identifying current regulatory hurdles such as safety, tax and logistics, digital adoption plans and  technological challenges to assist Langkawi in its digital transformation journey.

Moderated by Mohamad Zuhri Abd Rashid, Tourism Division Department at LADA, the panel discussion was participated by Ts. Gs. Azzuhana binti Roslan, Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS),  Sharul Bin Mat Ripin, Marine Department Malaysia, Lina Azlina Binti Ibrahim, Customs Superintendent – Division Head, Langkawi International Airport and  Raziman Ishak, Kelab Basikal Lasak 99 Langkawi.

The pandemic has caused a shift in the way people travel and their leisure pursuits. There has since been a resurgence of the use of bicycles for mobility and has become a popular choice. Today, people tend to opt for cycling tours, causing a boom in the bicycle tourism industry.

Langkawi island is an already known venue for international-standard cycling tourism events such as the Le Tour de Langkawi (LTdL) and Ironman Malaysia. In March 2021, in line with the 12th Malaysian Plan to promote sports tourism, LADA introduced the “Langkawi Cyclotourism Trail’ as a tourist attraction offering visitors a chance to explore the island’s natural beauty and the many hidden corners through cycling with the unveiling of 7 routes.

Nasaruddin bin Abdul Muttalib, Chief Executive Officer of Langkawi Development Authority (LADA) was quoted as saying, “ LADA will be collaborating with all stakeholders to ensure that this island is identified as the leading Cyclotourism destination in Malaysia’s tourism industry. Langkawi has been well known as the main hub for organising world-class cycling events such as Le Tour de Langkawi and IRONMAN Malaysia. Aside from benefiting the local community with economic spillover, these events also promote healthy lifestyle and allows cycling enthusiasts to indulge in the island’s beauty and lushness of nature.”

The regulatory framework will delve into solutions around safety and logistics that are currently stymying Langkawi’s cyclotourism potential.

The framework will allow for the necessary access and exchange of conversations and information between tourism and non-tourism administrations at different levels, the private sector, academia, industry players, entrepreneurs and the local community to achieve accurate and informed decision making that will contribute to the creation of a conducive cyclotourism landscape in Langkawi.

The framework will expedite progressive, anticipatory regulatory intervention to enable the application of necessary technologies as a solution to existing challenges in an ongoing process, creating a uniform and consistent regulatory structure.

Rosihan Zain, Chief Executive Officer of Futurise said in his opening speech, “Taking a cue from European and Latin American countries that have become famous destinations through the cyclotourism concept, if married with innovative solutions and new technology implementations, Langkawi holds vast potential to be a prime destination for cyclotourism. Futurise will work hand in hand with LADA in ensuring we mould Langkawi into a thriving cyclotourism destination through the regulatory framework.”

The panel discussion is part of the RegTalk series organised by Futurise, an initiative that facilitates open discussion for regulatory conversation amongst industry and subject matter experts to facilitate idea sharing and solve real industry challenges.

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