FusionQB Wins Top 2 in Huawei Spark Accelerator 2022 Malaysia

The highly competitive Huawei Spark Accelerator 2022, organised by Huawei focus to incubate, accelerate, and boost innovation of start-ups companies in Malaysia. This year they partnered together with NEXEA—a venture capital, angel investors network and start-up accelerator firm—as they continue to welcome more outstanding companies to enter the challenge.

A panel of expert judges whittled 250 start-ups‘ entries down to top 10 finalist for the pitching competition. FusionQB won the first runner-up (Top 2) Huawei Spark Accelerator 2022 award, gaining a powerful opportunity to scale-up their business expansion and fundraising exercise in Southeast Asia.

FusionQB, is leading in data-driven technology company, focusing in enriching customer data with all-in-one platform for a unified customer experience and value-added engagement has won numerous of accolades along these years, having grown by leaps and bounds into today’s success.

Harvard Business Review has reported that it is 25 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than retaining the existing customer. FusionQB, knowing the business value of having good customer experience insights, first started in developing Customer Data Platform (CDP), a future-proof platform in helping clients to effectively collect & handles data from all possible sources and building a unified single customer view.

FusionQB further expands CDP to all-in-one platform with not just enabling B2B (business-to-business) solutions to clients, but along these years with their strong project implementation experiences & technology know-how, they have addressed the evolution of market trends moving to B2B2C (business-to-business-to-consumer) solutions by developing business SuperApp. This helps to build relationships between B2B businesses in reaching out to their end consumers with maximized personalisation and activating the customer engagement in real time, all within just one mobile app.

FusionQB started in Malaysia and recently expanded its market reach to Indonesia and Singapore. The solution enables many corporate clients across different industries such as property developers, retail malls, healthcare, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, education in reshaping the customer centricity with power of customer data. In less than 2 years, it has seen an exponential growth of 900% in customer engagement data since the year of 2020.

Offering a platform that makes customers smile with the richest engagement insights, Stephen Lim, the co-founder & CSO of FusionQB shares his view, “Customer engagement transformation isn’t expensive and but your bad data is, it costs you even more when you realise that you’ve lost your customer in the end. Our mission is to help you prevent this and empower your business data insights with the customer engagement data platform.”

All winners of Huawei Spark Accelerator 2022 will be provided with Huawei Cloud world-class resources in exploring the latest technological advancements, receive mentoring from NEXEA’s elite mentors, and expertise with innovative solutions, networking support with leading industry experts and technical support on the latest innovations and trends. Other rewards for start-ups include potential investments of RM250,000, follow-on funding of up to RM1,000,000, and Huawei Cloud Credits of up to US$125K.

Alvin, the co-founder & CEO of FusionQB said the Huawei Spark Accelerator Award was a “fantastic news”. “Huawei Cloud team has been very helpful in supporting us through the entire start-up pitch readiness, solution validation and the upcoming market reach. We are grateful to have judges to recognise us from corporate innovation and digital transformation mission for businesses in Malaysia.”

Together in celebration and warmest congratulations to rest of the start-ups in Top 10: LinkUp, Alpha Fintech, BuildSpace (Global Pck Solutions), Carching, Duogo, Gamelobb, iTrace, Rise, StudentQR (MyFuturity Global).

The dynamic business environment is ever-changing as development & adoption of emerging technologies continues to push various industries toward positive disruption to engage customers in better and smarter ways. In 2023, FusionQB will continue to empower more corporates to capture, analyse, activate, engage and reshape customer centricity in the age of the digital customer, with one smart customer data platform and business SuperApp solution.



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