foodpanda and DOC2US Collaboration Set To Roll-Out Nationwide Screening Programme For Delivery Partners

foodpanda has entered into a partnership with Malaysia’s first e-prescription service provider, DOC2US, to provide health screening for foodpanda delivery partners. The nationwide programme will roll out in phases, beginning this month with more than 3,000 delivery partners in Penang and Johor.

Commenting on this collaboration, Kelvin Chan, Director of Operations, foodpanda said that it is a pleasure to be able to partner with DOC2US once again in its efforts to safeguard the health of its delivery partners.

“Our delivery partners are the backbone of foodpanda and as such, we want to make sure that their health and wellbeing is being taken care of. We are constantly looking for new ways to provide the best benefits for them. Our goal is that by providing them with this initial screening, it will encourage them to prioritise their health moving forward. We hope to be able to extend this to even more delivery partners in the upcoming months.”

To register for the health screening program, delivery partners are required to sign-up and register via the DOC2US mobile app. Through the platform, they can select their preferred outlet from 46 select DOC2US partner pharmacy outlets across the two states, and arrange their date and time slots accordingly.

The health screening, performed at participating pharmacy outlets under the supervision of DOC2US, will include a series of cholesterol tests, blood glucose tests, blood pressure management as well as height and weight measurement for the delivery partners.

When an enquiry is needed or clinically indicated, licensed doctors will provide further analysis, diagnosis, consultation and treatment, while pharmacists will provide on-site support and medication dispensing as prescribed by the doctors accordingly.

Dr Raymond Choy, CEO and Co-Founder of DOC2US, stated that foodpanda and DOC2US share an aligned vision in prioritising the health and wellbeing of delivery partners who operate at the front-line. He also added that the collaboration aims to encourage the Malaysian workforce to practice health monitoring more closely.

“Earning a living and maintaining good health should not be mutually exclusive. This is what inclusive and comprehensive healthcare is all about, and this is what we are trying to accomplish at DOC2US. We would like to be there for them, give them peace of mind and let them know that accessible healthcare is available. In support of our nation’s battle against underlying health conditions, especially NCDs (NonCommunicable Diseases), providing early detection measures can be a life-saving turning point for many,” Dr Choy stated.

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