First Lady of Germany, Elke Büdenbender and 25 Startups Call For Promotion of Diversity and Inclusivity In Malaysia’s Tech Ecosystem

ASEAN startup community builder, 25 Startups welcomed the First Lady of Germany, Elke Büdenbender, to promote diversity and inclusivity in the tech industry.

Her visit to the incubator in Penang included discussions with several Malaysian women founders on the importance of empowering women in the tech industry.

Present during the discussions were Jaylee Ong of Aimsity, Beatrice Leong of Gather Together and Hazlina Hamid of Accom, alongside Sivavenayakam Velayutham, co-founder and managing director of 25 Startups.

Throughout the discussions, Büdenbender highlighted the need for consistent support and recognitions for women who are coming into the tech industry with innovative solutions. She also encouraged for more platforms for women-led startups to showcase their innovative ideas and contributions to the tech industry.

“As a prominent organisation supporting the startup ecosystem growth in Malaysia, 25 Startups is committed to empowering women-led startups across the country. At 25 Startups, we believe in providing the necessary resources and guidance to help women-led startups succeed and reach their full potential,” said Sivavenayakam Velayutham, Co-Founder and Managing Director, 25 Startups.

The startup founders also stressed the need to redefine what it means to be a tech founder. Gather Together founder, Beatrice Leong highlighted on the importance of shifting the focus from a tech background to more tech-enabled solutions.

“This will open more doors for women like me to step into this space because women founders view the use of technology to provide solutions from a very different perspective,” she further highlighted.

Additionally, Jaylee Ong, co-founder of Aimsity shared on the importance of nurturing students with the necessary skills to solve problems. Meanwhile, Accom’s Hazlina Hamid underscored the role of technology in enhancing the tourism and hospitality sector.

“Our startup has been granted a mission to enhance the tourism and hospitality sectors through technological solutions that will reinforce the ecosystems and make life’s journey more meaningful and impactful,” Hazlina shared.

The First Lady’s visit to Malaysia is part of the state visit held by Federal President Frank-Waleter Steinmeier.

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