EMLAB and REKA To Develop Connectivity Technology For Autonomous Vehicles

ELMLAB has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with REKA to form a coalition to lead the development of connectivity technology for autonomous vehicles.

Through this partnership, ELMLAB will accelerate the development of self-driving technology in the market integrating the technology into self-driving systems and various other functionalities.

ELMLAB and REKA will be working together to realise smarter and safer driving in Malaysia through collaborative research and development.

ELMLAB will also be designing and developing the foundation of the connectivity technology while REKA will design technologies to enable self-driving features on any vehicle.

It will then be distributed for use in autonomous vehicles, starting with REKA’s self-driving vehicles, as per the terms of the MoU.

“Starting with the implementation of our technology in Malaysia’s automotive market, we hope to extend the use of the connectivity technology to transportation agencies and road development corporations to enjoy a safer driving experience,” shares Choo Tzer Maan, Director of ELMLAB.

For improved road safety and timely arrivals, the connectivity technology will enable teleoperation of autonomous vehicles. Teleoperation will allow autonomous vehicles to be controlled remotely through manual analysis of collected data from its surroundings such as traffic conditions and surrounding hazards.

This base technology can then help improve the infrastructure of the tech ecosystem as a whole to support the running of similar applications that revolve around the use of data.

Future uses of this connectivity technology include implementation in security systems and in household robots.

“This joint effort between REKA and ELMLAB will bring valuable industry insights to further refine the commercialisation process of autonomous technology in the local region. These efforts will not only ensure an accelerated progress of local adoption of technology but also highlights the significant impact of Research & Development through collaboration,” shares Haziq Faris, the CEO of REKA.

This technology will be made readily available to operate soundly in both 4G and 5G ecosystems. In turn, this will contribute to the local tech supply chain and lay the foundation for innovators to work with local tech manufacturers.

With the underlying ecosystem, ELMLAB and REKA will cooperate to build a standard web 3.0 through blockchain technology as a framework for a transparent supply chain management on e-mobility.

Moving forward, ELMLAB looks to drive the technology innovation movement in Malaysia further while contributing to the Southeast Asian digital supply chain.



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