DOC2HOME Partners TF Capital and iCARES To Improve Residential Living Experience

In response to the growing demand for owner-occupied homes, the ageing population, and the increasing prevalence of multi-generational living, DOC2HOME, a pioneering digital home-based healthcare platform has entered a transformative partnership with TF Capital Holding Berhad (TF Capital) and iCARES Technology Sdn Bhd (iCARES).

This tripartite collaboration aims to redefine the residential living experience by leveraging technology to provide personalised, home-based healthcare services and seamlessly integrated living environments. The partnership is particularly timely as the market experienced a surge in residential developments across Malaysia, marking a 33.3% increase in transactions year on year since last year.

This pioneering collaboration is set to trigger a paradigm shift in residential development, promising an integrated approach that addresses the evolving needs of modern living. TF Capital will leverage the healthcare technology network and IoT expertise and infrastructure of both DOC2HOME and iCARES to raise the bar on buyers’ expectations from existing and future residential property developments.

CEO and founder of TF Capital Holdings Bhd, Joe Lee said, “TF Capital has a deep understanding of home buyer needs. This collaboration will serve as a bridge between developers and the market, empowering developers to prioritise build quality, thereby enhancing both the quality of life for residents and the overall value of the development.

Apart from just buying a home, we are looking to offer more to buyers by adding value into the homes themselves and enhancing the quality of life for living communities.”

iCARES, a leading IoT home solutions provider, will introduce a series of accessible infrastructure and facilities powered by technology. This initiative aims to create living environments that not only meet residents’ needs but also align with their evolving lifestyles in convenience and security.

Mr. Kang Kim Lun, CEO of iCARES, said “Through this collaboration, we could incorporate a range of value-added IoT-oriented infrastructure and facilities together with our partners. This strategic move is poised to disrupt traditional residential development by seamlessly integrating built-in security, Internet of Things, wellbeing, and healthcare, which makes sense for a full-fledged residential community.

With our lifestyle shifting towards multigenerational homes, having a completely accessible ecosystem of technology to support better living is necessary.”

DOC2HOME’s integration with TF Capital encompasses digital healthcare solutions and homecare services for both existing residences and future developments. Dr. Raymond Choy, CEO of DOC2HOME, expresses enthusiasm about the collaboration: “In an era of the ageing population, we are seeing more and more multi-generational homes being occupied by both the old and the young.

Having a convenient digital healthcare ecosystem ready in place to serve the residents is crucial. We share the same vision of elevating the ecosystem of residential communities by providing the best infrastructure and accessibility to healthcare technology. DOC2HOME will serve as a hub for primary-level medical and healthcare needs, available at the residents’ fingertips.”

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