Deliveree’s ESG Efforts Includes Income Acceleration And Reduction In Inequality

Deliveree has announced its ESG achievements for the last twelve month period ending April 2023. Following a multi-month effort to identify, collect, quantify, and interpret millions of organic and surveyed data points within its business, the startup has summarised their achievements in four major categories as follows:

1. Emissions reductions to combat climate change,
2. Road traffic reduction to support infrastructure and sustainable communities,
3. Income acceleration to promote decent work and fight poverty, and
4. Education on the app-economy to promote decent work and reduce inequality.

Deliveree’s marketplace technology is currently powered by smart algorithms that
give bookings to trucks in the right place at the right time to increase their utilisation and
decrease the distances those trucks drive while empty.

Claiming the process as “smart assignments”, the smart assignments to the tens of thousands of trucks in our marketplace resulted in a reduction of over 3 million kilograms of CO2 emissions over the last twelve months.

Likewise in connection with Deliveree’s smart marketplace technology and the powerful effect it has on the efficiency of the tens of thousands of trucks in its marketplace, they produced a reduction of 5.3 million kilometers in truck road usage over the last twelve months.

Additionally, Deliveree’s marketplace empowers independent owner-operator drivers and small family trucking businesses with the ability to increase their income through a combination of efficiency (earning more by working the same amount of time) and time monetisation (converting idle time to productive earning time).

Together, this empowerment resulted in average hourly earnings increases of 2.8x among 73% vendors and total earnings increases of 2.3x among 82% of vendors over
the last twelve months.

Deliveree introduces, educates, and acclimates its tens of thousands of independent owner-operator drivers and small family trucking companies on two important drivers of the new world economy: working via mobile application and the gig economy.

Furthermore, 73% of Deliveree’s vendors reported that they had never used an app to make money before learning this from Deliveree. Furthermore, the team provided an
average of 44 direct instructional hours to each of our vendors over the last twelve
months. UN SD Goals: Decent Work and Reduced Inequalitie

Deliveree’s dual mission is to bring revolutionary elasticity, efficiency, cost savings to
the trucking and cargo shipping experiences of its millions of customers including
individuals, SMEs, and corporations all the while empowering its vast community of
owner-operate drivers and family owned trucking businesses to seize control over their
financial futures.

“We’re well known for what we do for customers. But the unsung heroes of our story are
the tens of thousands of truck drivers who own and drive their own trucks and the small
family businesses who own and operate their own fleets to whom our platform has given
them the tools and empowerment to change their lives and the communities around
them,” said Tom Kim, Co-Founder & CEO of Deliveree


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