‘CX As A Verb’ Ignites CX Innovation For Malaysian Brands With Insights From L’Oreal And 6ixty8ight

Over 20 C-suite executives and marketing leaders from Malaysia’s top FMCG and retail brands gathered at the Growth Hacks Series: ‘CX as a Verb’ event, co-hosted by Insider and PwC Malaysia. The exclusive event, held at the Aurum Theatre, explored the latest trends and practical strategies for transforming customer experience (CX) in the digital age.

The Growth Hacks Series is a unique event designed to equip marketing and business leaders with the cutting-edge strategies and practical tactics needed to achieve exponential growth.

Each event tackles a specific theme within the growth hacking landscape, bringing together industry experts, thought leaders, and successful practitioners for an in-depth exploration of the topic at hand. These intimate and exclusive vertical-focused roundtables aim to bring together industry professionals face-to-face to discuss important themes and build meaningful connections.

The event featured keynote presentations from renowned industry figures at well-known brands, L’Oreal and 6ixty8ight. Dr. Krishna Feron, Chief Data Analytics Officer at L’Oreal, delivered a thought-provoking address on leveraging data analytics and AI to personalise customer journeys and drive brand loyalty. 

“Data analytics finds use cases in generating personalised content at the right time and place, but also to improve the whole Beauty experience including product use, virtual try on, personalised beauty advice as well as sustainability and inclusion. Elevating the beauty experience with Beauty Tech is essential to provide an unrivalled consumer experience.”

Paulino Moreno, Regional Managing Director, APAC at 6ixty8ight, offered practical insights on how leading brands are utilising marketing automation and innovative messaging channels to optimise customer engagement. “Data is the lifeblood of successful CX in Malaysia. By harnessing the power of marketing automation and advanced analytics, brands can gain deeper customer insights and tailor their messaging strategies to drive higher engagement and loyalty.”

The focus of this event was on the three C’s of CX: Connectivity, Commerce, and Communication, and was centred around introducing marketers to Insider’s advanced MarTech solution, showcasing its capabilities in customer data platform (CDP), personalization, and journey orchestration.

Attendees also learned about implementing Insider effectively to meet core functionality requirements. Additionally, the event highlighted the collaboration between Insider and PwC, focusing on leveraging their combined expertise in campaign analytics transformation and insights from global CX leaders.

Insider was delighted to welcome a diverse mixture of professionals from the CX space, each bringing their unique perspectives and expertise. Among them were C-Suite Executives, including CEOs, CMOs, and COOs, responsible for steering their companies toward success with strategic vision and leadership.

Also present were Marketing Directors and Customer Experience VPs looking to learn more about driving innovation and excellence within their teams. The event also welcomed marketing and CX managers looking for expert guidance on crafting seamless customer journeys.

By bringing together individuals from these different roles, the event aimed to provide valuable insights and practical strategies that resonated across various levels of organisational hierarchy to ensure mutual learning.

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