Budget 2024: Sustainable Economic Growth And Reformation Through People Empowerment

By Joshua Tan, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder for Troopers Innovation Sdn. Bhd.

Troopers Innovation Sdn Bhd wholeheartedly welcomes the 2024 National Budget presented by the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Malaysia Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and commends the government’s strategic approach towards Malaysia MADANI with the theme “Budget 2024: Economic Reform, Empowering the People”.

At TROOPERS, we are dedicated to ensuring that talent matches organizational needs, and the commitment to refine local talent development to align with industry requirements is a significant stride toward a brighter economic future for Malaysia. As a testament to this commitment, TROOPERS innovate new ways to facilitate gig workers by matching their skills to the gig via ratings and feedback system. Our holistic ecosystem not only allows real-time tracking of gig workers’ progress but also showcases their evolving track record and build their microcredentials in our app as they complete gig task. This embodiment of transparency and progress underscores our core mission to empower both job seekers and hiring managers by ensuring a seamless and mutually beneficial partnership.

Keeping to the momentum set in prior years, the government will continue with the PERKESO Career Building Programme, allocating RM35 million to empower 9,000 gig workers through skill training. This allocation will undoubtedly uplift the gig economy to new heights, and is aligned with our work with TROOPERS Academy which offers essential soft skills training to nurture the growth of our gig workers. At TROOPERS, we strongly believe that continuous upskilling will create opportunities to raise the floor and ceiling of gig worker wages, ensuring a better standard of living which is why TROOPERS will continue to support them in achieving fair wages and improve the household economy of Malaysians at large.

Moreover, the allocation of RM1.6 billion by the Human Resource Development Corp (HRD Corp) for 1.7 million training opportunities signifies a significant investment in upskilling and re-skilling. The reallocation of special funds, utilizing 15% of total levy collections to support the MADANI Training Program, addresses the needs of SME entrepreneurs and vulnerable groups such as former prisoners, Persons with Disabilities (PwD), senior citizens, and retirees. This move reflects the government’s investment in shaping the future of our workforce, resonating with our commitment at TROOPERS to bridge the gap between talent and organizational needs through collaborative training and upskilling programmes while encouraging prioritization of hiring local talent in the gig workforce to improve socio-economic growth.

At TROOPERS, we firmly believe in the potential of every individual to elevate their socio-economic status through tailored programs and training. We wholeheartedly endorse the government’s commitment to emphasize the importance of re-skilling and upskilling Malaysians, laying the foundation for a more empowered society. We believe in the collective potential of Malaysians and if we work together, we can elevate Malaysian talents in all sectors through proper training and upskilling to ensure they are remunerated fairly, and enterprises get the value they pay for.

As an organization deeply committed to meeting the ever-growing talent demands of our partners, we firmly believe that the proposed Budget will be a game-changer, aligning seamlessly with Malaysia MADANI values and embodying our mission to connect talents with the needs of organizations.

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