Austral Techsmith Announces Efforts To Install All-In-One Smart Poles Across Malaysia

Malaysian 5G smart pole pioneer, Austral Techsmith Sdn Bhd (Austral Techsmith) has commenced collaboration efforts with telecommunication infrastructure providers to install all-in-one smart poles across Malaysia.

Austral Techsmith has begun installing its Elab 01 smart street poles that provide seamless integration for numerous network services and facility provider functions.

Elab 01 is an all-in-one innovation for 5G on-ground deployment using a single pole measuring 18 metres that can house multiple connectivities such as 5G, 4G, wifi routers, power units and even a smart streetlight function.

In comparison to the traditional poles and cabinet designs where extra space beside the pole is needed for obtrusive containers like power generators, reportedly impressed key 5G rollout stakeholders.

Furthermore, the greater power of bandwidth and connectivity that comes together with 5G means that more poles must be erected in an area compared to previous technologies like 3G and 4G. Elab 01 reduces not only carbon footprint through its’ smart features but also integrates seamlessly with the urban landscape aesthetic.

The deployment of the poles began on 15 March 2022. As of 25 April 2022, 31 smart poles have been erected along various streets including Jalan Semarak Api and Jalan Serene Kiara in Kuala Lumpur and in Greentown Ipoh in Perak.

Azfar Zubri, Chief Executive Officer of Austral Techsmith said that the utilisation of smart technology is the way forward on Malaysia’s path to creating smart cities. The implementation of new technologies and innovations will see increased erections of multi-functional single poles.

“As a Malaysian, I am very proud that local R&D, local engineers and technicians with local proprietary IP in a humble small SME inspired out of Sarawak, could contribute this small but significant role in our much-awaited national 5G rollout. Not only will this help Austral Techsmith scale, but more importantly gives me and my team the conviction to innovate better IPs and penetrate overseas markets too.”

Soh Chong Meng, Chief Operating Officer of Austral Techsmith shared: “Every Elab 01 pole standing out there is another towering proof of the power of locals to innovate even in relatively new technology like 5G. Designing Elab 01 has been a pleasure as we combined the best of what we learned from the global technology providers with local ingenuity in understanding the needs and solutions for the local ecosystem. This is merely the first of more to come from Austral Techsmith as we might be very new but we learn, adapt and innovate fast too.”

The multifunctional poles which will replace existing light poles will help local councils provide increased and improved services to the community through a number of enhanced services and data insights collected all while reducing project implementation time.

Austral Techsmith is currently working on fresh designs that are undergoing testing to support the telecommunications industry in Malaysia as well as internationally for global expansion.

Today, the adoption of smart poles as part of the smart city project is widely accepted in countries to harmonise mobile infrastructure including England, Hong Kong, India, Japan, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates and the United States.

According to A.T. Kearney, the Malaysian 5G total addressable market is forecasted to be valued between USD660 million and USD900 million by 2025.

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