AC Ventures Ties Up With CTO-As-A-Service Firm 8020cto To Help Southeast Asian Startups Level Up Their Tech Teams

8020cto, a CTO-as-a-service company, has partnered with AC Ventures by committing to provide engineering leadership solutions for the firm’s portfolio companies.

8020cto’s team includes software engineering executives from the global head offices of top software companies such as Uber, Apple, Yahoo, Coinbase, Instagram, Ava Labs (Avalanche blockchain), and others.

“Many new founders face technical challenges. They may not know how to navigate or what to look out for. This is where a strong technical leader can bring immense value. Software engineering leadership is difficult because it demands the individual to be an exceptional technologist, have a strong business sense, and possess excellent leadership ability. Top engineering leaders out of Silicon Valley have the privilege of learning this complex blend of rare skills from top institutions and businesses,” said Jeffrey Scholz, founder of 8020cto.

“We believe we can bootstrap the talent shortage that software-based startups face. Infusing startups with institutional knowledge of engineering talent development and software best practices, will create positive externalities for the whole ecosystem,” said Lucas Ou-Yang, advisor at 8020cto.

8020cto guides founders on coordinating technical and business strategies and coaches CTOs and senior engineers on how to run high-performing engineering teams. Where appropriate, 8020cto directly solves intricate technical problems such as scalable architecture, machine learning, cybersecurity, recommender systems, and blockchain.

“We are glad to have 8020cto as our partner on this initiative. The team brings unique know-how, market insights, and great playbooks to the table that will help our portfolio companies operate with the best technical talent possible,” explained Adrian Li, Founder and Managing Partner at AC Ventures. “We look forward to having Lucas, Jeffrey, and the team deliver wonderful technical value to the companies we back, and hopefully give them a leg up in the market.”

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